A reliable CRM system in the cloud

which makes your business go smoother.


Build better relationships with your customers and get better sales results.

With the help of FLOWii have every information in one place and make your work easier.


Orders and projects finish on time.

Manage your orders and projects efficiently with FLOWii. Get an overview of your deadlines, tasks, and finances.


Organize tasks more efficiently and get an overview of what is happening in your business.

Tasks for review, notifications, teamwork, timing, sample tasks, chat in tasks and other functions that will help you manage your company and employees.


Send and receive e-mails in one place.

All sent and received emails connected with your partners, business cases and orders? Yes, it is possible. With FLOWii you can see your complete email communication history. In addition, bulk emails can also be sent.


Beautiful and simple invoices completely for free.

Creating invoices in FLOWii is exceptional for its clarity and simplicity. Documents can be linked to a partner, business case or order. Documents can be exported to Excel and many economic softwares.


Corporate finances under control even without an accountant.

Records of your revenues and expenditures, which can be linked to your bank, invoices, and orders. Keeping an eye on your corporate finance has never been easier.


Keep a precise attendance record of your company.

Easy to install and can be accessed from anywhere.


Simple online warehouse records.

Your warehouse online, where you can see your received and outgoing goods. The warehouse is also connected to the invoicing.

More than 3500 satisfied customers

FLOWii is used by companies all around Europe operating in different industries because they can customize it by their own needs. They can use all the solutions at once, or just the ones they need. Are you a start-up business and need free invoicing? Or are you a company with more employees and need a comprehensive CRM solution? FLOWii is the right choice in both situations.

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Mobile app

FLOWii also on your smartphone.

The FLOWii mobile application for Android and iOS offers an overview of Partners, Tasks, Events and Business Cases.