Minimal expenses

You only start paying for FLOWii after the 30-day trial ends, and only if you are going to use the system. No hidden fees or small print.

No installation

You don't need to install FLOWii on your computer. You can access the system in seconds from your browser.

Fast set-up

First, you need to select the solutions you want to use. Then you just need to set up the access rights for your employees. If you need any help just contact our customer service.

Cloud solutions

CRM in the cloud

You can log in to FLOWii from work, home or even while you're abroad. You'll always have an overview of what is happening in your business.

Customer service

Support and customer service

Our customer service is available to you every working day.

Personal consultation

We are happy to meet with you in person and offer you the best solution for your company.


Our company also offers courses to help you get more familiar with FLOWii.

User manual

You can't decide? Call our customer service or read our user manual.


Data security

Your data is stored in a maximum-security data center. FLOWii's safety is handled by Slovakia's top internet security providers Digmia and Citadelo.

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Trusted system

More than 3500 companies trust us

Entrepreneurs, fast-growing companies as well as one of the largest family-owned businesses in Slovakia use FLOWii as a tool for increasing efficiency and improving customer relations.

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A system that you can customize according to your needs

You only pay for what you use. You can customize FLOWii to meet your needs not only with its latest solutions but also through setting up custom fields. If necessary, we can code additional functions according to your requirements.