Your privacy is prior to us.

Your data is safe with us

At FLOWii one of our most important issue is your privacy. We make sure all you personal data is in good hands and completely secured.


FLOWii hosting servers are located in the data centers of the company WEDOS internet, a.s. with the highest level of security and the latest technologies.


Each data is backed up regularly, on a daily basis, in the data centers of the company WEDOS internet, a.s. and in another external data centers, so that we can quickly restore FLOWii from the backup.

Access blocking

To prevent unauthorized users from accessing FLOWii, we temporarily block users who seem suspicious.

IP address blocking

In case of a harmful activity, we can block the IP address, eventually the whole range of addresses, from which the attack came. The offender will not be able to login into FLOWii from this address anymore.

E-mail blocking

Just like the IP addresses, e-mails can be blocked as well. It means that they can’t be used anymore with FLOWii.

DoS protection

The DoS protection monitors the intensity of access to FLOWii in case of particular users. The user is blocked in case of an excessively high activity.

Encrypted communication

The security of FLOWii is ensured by an encrypted transmission thanks to a modern SSL protocol.

Reliable team

The FLOWii team consists of experienced programmers and technicians.

24/7 supervision

FLOWii is monitored 24/7.