Customers and suppliers

Every customer cares

Satisfied customers are an important pillar of your business. Every customer needs to feel your attention and care. Otherwise, it may end up in the hands of the competition. Communicate with him regularly, ask him what he cares about and deliver a service that he will be happy to buy regularly. FLOWii ERP provides a clear database of contacts with a link to CRM.

Business opportunities

Make the most of business opportunities

Did you know that more than 80% of trades are closed after the fifth contact? Do not give up after the first unsuccessful address. Build a relationship with the customer and gain his trust. A clear record of business opportunities in FLOWIA will help you not only to manage and plan businesses, but also to really bring them to a successful end.

Execution of orders

Manage orders and projects without stress

Companies try to implement orders in a quality, on time and on a set budget. However, not everyone will actually succeed. Thanks to FLOWii, you can plan orders, tasks, finances and deadlines in advance and successfully implement them so that your customer is satisfied.

Task organization

Use time at work effectively

Phone calls, meetings, comments or sending an invoice to the customer? You no longer have to keep your responsibilities as well as the activities of your colleagues in your head. The FLOWii online erp system displays each task on a bulletin board or calendar. You will no longer miss any employee activity.


Overview in warehouse

You don't need anything, just a computer and the internet. Using the browser, you log in and have an overview of stock items, status and movements of goods. The online warehousing program can be linked to orders and invoicing.

Attendance system

Simple and at the same time clear registration of attendance

All you need is a classic tablet with the Android operating system and the FLOWii application turns it into an attendance terminal, which you can place in a visible place in the company. Employee attendance records are very simple. The employee is identified by a PIN code.

Invoicing and finance

No document and payment will be lost

Online invoicing introduces order in documents and finances. Each document and payment can be linked to an invoice, customer, order and center. Corporate finances will get a clear structure.


Inform customers about what is happening in your company

ERP system FLOWii also solves the need to send classic emails as well as the function of mass emailing - newsletter. Reach your customers regularly and specifically. This will increase awareness of your brand and products. In addition, after sending a bulk email, FLOWii will provide you with complete statistics of its success.

Notifications and chat

Comments and communication online

You have been given a new task, it's time to continue the next activity, the deadline has expired… FLOWii responsible will always be notified automatically. Directly in the program or by email. Plus, you don't have to communicate via email. Employees can exchange messages directly in FLOWii.

Online overview and order in the company

An overview of the company, decision-making based on accurate data and a professional customer database are the basis for stable growth and above-standard customer care.

With FLOWii ERP, you get a clear all-in-one erp system that combines several solutions into one functional unit.

Finance under control

You get an overview of ongoing as well as closed trades and potential sales.

The FLOWii ERP system helps guard every business opportunity with an emphasis on its successful completion.

High added value of ERP system

FLOWii ERP grows with your business and you don't have to pay any thousands to deploy an erp system.

It has a high added value for the long-term growth of the company, because it simplifies, automates and clarifies processes.

Our satisfied customers

We grow thanks to our references

Milan Paprčka" Thanks to FLOWii, we managed to automate many small processes. Which saved us a lot of time. "

Milan Paprčka

CBS spol, s.r.o.

Number of employees: 120

Revenues: 2,1 mil. €

Juraj Koudela" We were looking for a system on which our whole team can rely on, and which has an easy implementation. "

Juraj Koudela

Vydavateľstvo Absynt, s.r.o.

Number of employees: 8

Revenues: 459 ths. €

Juraj Krč" FLOWii is great not only in management but also in having order and clarity of all of our finances and activities in the company. "

Juraj Krč

ARCHSTYL s. r. o.

Number of employees: 9

Revenue: 1,12 m. €


Free for every license

FLOWii ERP is an easy to use app full of solutions for your business. For every license, you get customer service, online consultation and regular updates for free.

Everything in one place

All the tools FLOWii provides cooperate with each other. Only one account is needed and you get a complete overview of your company.

We’re happy to help

Do you have an advice, comment or a question? We are here for you every working day from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

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FLOWii ERP in short

Why did we decide to develop the FLOWii ERP system?

The birth of the FLOWii idea dates back to 2011. Our goal was to create a crm and erp system that will help small and medium-sized companies to make their business clearer and simpler. This system was to be clear so that company employees could get used to it quickly and also online so that they could work from anywhere - for example from home. We managed to achieve this goal. Today, the word FLOWii is already used in more than 2,000 companies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and HU. We are also aware that the essential tasks of any successful company include working and communicating with customers. Your success depends on how quickly and well you solve customer requirements and what quality relationships you can build. The goal of the FLOWii ERP and CRM system is to help business owners in this direction as well.

Online ERP systems are nowadays an indispensable part of every modern company. Data, processes and finances are interconnected into an ERP system. Entrepreneurs are thus able to effectively connect individual departments and thus clarify the flow of information between them. This is also the reason why companies with a functional erp system can obtain significant savings and record stable growth.

What is a ERP system?

ERP is a term used to describe a certain type of complex business information system. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Using the erp system, it is possible to coordinate all company resources, centers, functions and spheres through shared data repositories.

In layman's terms, we can characterize an ERP system as business management software with which we can process, combine and evaluate any information needed to plan and achieve the company's goals. The main advantage is that it can connect company processes (warehouse, production, administration, logistics, etc.), access, protect and store data in real time.

In what is FLOWii ERP system different?

FLOWii ERP system is adapted to the needs of self-employed, small and medium-sized companies. It contains functions that can be understood by every experienced entrepreneur as well as a regular employee, which we consider to be a huge advantage, because the main users of FLOWia are employees. We are of the opinion that the erp system should contain such functions that entrepreneurs will actually use, and therefore we regularly update FLOWia and adapt it to the conditions of the digital market.

The FLOWii ERP system represents several solutions that work independently and at the same time cooperate with each other. The basis is an unlimited database for the registration of partners, activities and communication. You can assemble all other tools exactly according to the needs of your company. You don't have to pay for features you don't use. Combining individual CRM and ERP functions with FLOWii tools also allows you to see everything in one place. Whether you go to send an email, issue an invoice or check the meeting schedule. FLOWii is enough for everything.

The FLOWii EPR system will allow you to streamline the organization of your entire company. It provides you with support from the first address to the customer, through the execution of the order to the issuance of the invoice. In addition, everything is in Slovak, the environment as well as customer service. If you have foreign users, you can simply switch FLOWii to English, Czech or Hungarian.

Advantages of the FLOWii ERP system

  • Detailed event monitoring and clear business analytics within the organization in real time.
  • Centralization of data, which results in easier collaboration between users.
  • More efficient process management and a clearer work environment for all users.
  • Multiple solutions in one erp system, so no data is lost between applications.
  • Reduces operating costs and automates processes.
  • Enables integration of other systems and applications, including data import and export.
  • The FLOWii ERP system grows with your business, because we regularly update it based on customer requirements.
  • No thousands for implementation. You can also manage the deployment of FLOW independently, and if not, we will be happy to help you with that.