Partner database

Arrangement of your customers

With the partner database, you have a clear order of your customers. You can place them into categories, eventually tag them. You can easily import them to FLOWii from Excel.

Customer history

Detailed overview of your customers

You can also take a look at your documents from the aspect of your customers. You can see the complete history of your sales in the customer history. With the help of these informations you can prepare another attractive offer to your customer.

Different type of documents

Offers, orders, delivery notes...

With FLOWii invoicing you can easily issue price offers, orders, delivery notes and related documents (pre-tax invoice, a tax receipt for a received deposit or a credit note). It’s enough to issue only one document, after that the other documents are done by just a click.

Online pricelist

Online overview of the products and services

With FLOWii’s online price list you are saving a lot of time and making your job much easier. You will always carry around your product portfolio and you can issue an invoice, order or an offer in any second.

Payment management

Spot your debtors easily

You can have a quick overview of the unpaid and overdue invoices. You’ll have better control over your debtors with the always up-to-date overview of the unpaid invoices directly on FLOWii’s main screen.

Invoicing with a discount

No more calculating over your discounts

Do you want to reward your loyal customers with a discount? FLOWii automatically calculates it for you. You only need to decide what kind of discount to offer.

Sending documents

E-mail your invoice right away!

After you issue an invoice, you can send it directly to your customer via e-mail. You get an overview of the sent documents. FLOWii also informs you, whether the document was delivered, read, or unread.

Documents you are pleased to pay

A big part of your corporate identity depends on your price offer and invoice. With an invoice issued by FLOWii, your customers will always classify you as a professional.

• Own logo

• Professional design

• Highly transparent

• Scanned signature

• Different languages (Slovak, Czech, English, German)

Order and overview of your documents

With FLOWii your invoices and other documents will be online in one place. If you will be wondering what price did you offer to your customer last time do not worry, with FLOWii you will see it immediately.

Document management will spare time and space in your office.

Have your business results in a visual form

What was the total amount invoiced this year or the last month? How many of the offers were transformed into invoices? FLOWii Invoicing will give you all the data in transparent, visually appealing charts.

You can have the overview of your revenues online.

Our clients said about us

We grow thanks to our references

Milan Paprčka" Thanks to FLOWii, we managed to automate many small processes. Which saved us a lot of time. "

Milan Paprčka

CBS spol, s.r.o.

Number of employees: 120

Revenues: 2,1 mil. €

Juraj Koudela" We were looking for a system on which our whole team can rely on, and which has an easy implementation. "

Juraj Koudela

Vydavateľstvo Absynt, s.r.o.

Number of employees: 8

Revenues: 459 ths. €

Juraj Krč" FLOWii is great not only in management but also in having order and clarity of all of our finances and activities in the company. "

Juraj Krč

ARCHSTYL s. r. o.

Number of employees: 9

Revenue: 1,12 m. €


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Everything in one place

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FLOWii Invoicing in short

Why to choose FLOWii invoicing?

Invoicing is an inevitable component of each business. You simply need to issue documents. Business administration, however, does not earn money in your business, that is why you should not devote much time to it in your company. The efficient management of invoices, payments and other documents is a value we intend to give to entrepreneurs. Why should you spend 20 minutes with issuing invoices or orders, if you can accomplish it in a minute with FLOWii?

FLOWii invoicing online, fast and simply! How does it work?

FLOWii invoicing is a modern online application that simplifies and accelerates administration related to the issuance and management of internal documents. It enables to create professional price offers, invoices, pro forma invoices, orders, delivery notes or credit notes. All without mistakes, in a very short time. You may issue invoices with VAT or without, in a foreign language or offer a discount. The speed of issuing documents is supported by the online price list and the partners database. You don’t have to spend a lot of time with filling in documents, the free FLOWii invoicing works for you. Furthermore, each invoice issued online is saved in the partner history, so that you do not forget your income and you have the due date online under control.

In what is FLOWii invoicing different?

Issuance of professional invoices, price offers, orders or other documents with an unlimited partner database, completely free of charge and without limits. Furthermore, thanks to the interconnection with the CRM system, you can make the organization of your whole company more efficient. They jointly provide you with support from the first contact with the customer, through processing the order until the issuance of the invoice. Having everything within a single system will save you a lot of time and money. Your customers will feel the difference, too and you can sleep without any worries.