Digitalization of the in-house processes are the absolute must today in order to grow as a company. Therefore, choosing technology we must be careful and think about many factors. Lots of company management solutions with a major or minor difference, various subscription plans and features will try to sell you their product. Decision making is usually a bit overwhelming considering the impact of the technology. We looked at the comparison of Asana and our solution FLOWii.


Functionality is one of the biggest factors that influence the decision-making. That is why the first thing you should do before the decision-making part, is to define the problems, that you want to solve or processes you want to improve

FLOWii as well as Asana are offering the wide variety of features for web and mobile application. Both are cloud based, therefore easy to access and implement to your businesses. However, FLOWii was developed primary as a tool for comprehensive management of the company, from income and profits to Wearhouse management. On the other hand, Asana is more focused on project management that allows you wider functionality and tools for managing the teams and collaborating with your colleagues. Further, we divided the comparison into more specific features offered by two products.


Project and task management

Flowii-interfaceThe main domain of Asana, offering the variety of features and tool for team, projects and task management. TO DO lists, timelines, boards or in-build calendar and more. All can be shared with the team members and colleagues within the cloud. However, FLOWii is keeping up with offering a simple task and project management. Functions are allowing you to create, track and assign projects and tasks. If this solution wouldn’t be enough, you can simply connect FLOWii with Google Calendar.

HR management

In this field, FLOWii offers for example attendance and time tracking. For physical in-house tracking you need just one tablet. Asana is directly not offering this solution; however, you can integrate the third-party solutions.

Asana is, on the other side, offering templates for managing onboardings and new employer’s management.

CRM system

CRM or customer relationship management software is a database of leads, clients, customers, or suppliers designed for better communication and better relationship building, that should lead to long-term optimization of business processes and increase of the profits.

While Asana main domain is project management, main domain of the FLOWii is CRM. The customer profile can be created simply and in the couple of seconds. Customers can be divided and labelled based on their characteristics and buyers’ journeys. Asana is again offering CRM trough the third-party integrations.


It´s important to mention again, that Asana is more focused on project and team management and FLOWii features are more complex for whole company administration. Beside the less comprehensive project and task management also billing, CRM system, warehouse management, records of income and expenses or e-mail marketing connected to CRM.

So, if you are looking for a system exclusively for project management, Asana will offer you a wide range of functionality. If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution for business management, FLOWii can offer you wider functionality. Asana solves wider functionality, for example in the form of CRM or attendance, by integrating third-party systems. At the end of the day, you can try both FLOWii and Asana in 30-day trial for free. Then both solutions offer monthly subscription plans based on functionality.



Asana starts on the Basic plan, which is free and offers a broad functionality for project management for up to 15 users. The functions of this package should be enough to simple management of projects or tasks. If this were not the case, the Premium plan for 10.99 per month per user, will expand the functionality of the solution even more. For example, timeline, advanced search and report, tables or graphs. The most expensive plan is Business for 24.99, which again expands functionality with, for example, long-term goals, a client portfolio, and advanced integrations such as CRM and Power BI software.

Asana pricing

FLOWii, in free version, offers billing and an unlimited customer database, product price list or mobile application. In the CRM package, you will also find event logs, tasks, customization, custom categories, access rights, centres, reports, graphs and export and import of the data. The CRM package will cost you from 6.79 euro per month due to the number of users. The Premium package offers full functionality, integration and support from 15, 29 euro and a month. In this package, you already have products in warehouse and attendance tracking, income and expenses, business cases or e-mailing. If you are interested in individual setting of functionality and price, you can contact us.

FLOWii pricing