Expensive terminals, complicated and pricey installation and production of new chips for employees. Probably the most common solutions for employee attendance record in companies. Big disadvantage, except for complicated and pricey installation, is the online version absence in case of Home Office. 

FLOWii offers both, physical and online solution of attendance records for companies, whereas, in case of online version, implementation takes only a few minutes. What you need in case you use physical version, is regular android tablet and the Internet connection. Employees are given a unique code number, which they enter into tablet on arrival or departure. Therefore, “chips” are no longer needed. 

Integration into FLOWii system also provides with simple export for payroll or clear attendance report in the form of graph. 

The advantage is also in planning of absences, vacations, automatic breaks or doctor’s appointment. Hence, it´s again about internal processes digitization and relief of, in this case, for example, HR section.



How to record attendance in FLOWii system? 

The first step is registration and activation of attendance function. If you haven´t created an account yet, you can try 30-days free trial, during which you can try all of the FLOWii functions, attendance included. 

In case you already use some of the FLOWii functions, you have to enter “settings” (cogwheel, top bar), click on FLOWii solutions – add / remove solution. All activated and non-activated solutions will display. Now, it´s important to click on “attendance”. 

Attendance terminal on the web

You can find the attendance terminal in quick menu in top right corner and it´s usage is, as you can see in the photo, simple and intuitive. 


Attendance terminal on tablet 

Attendance terminal is individual application installed on the tablet. You can place the tablet near the company entrance and passing employees will mark the arrivals, departures and other events by clicking right into the tablet. Data are automatically marked into FLOWii. It is necessary for the tablet to be connected to the Internet. 

Attendance terminal on the tablet is an app for tablets with Android system. It is necessary for the tablet to be connected to the Internet and to install a free app from Google Play subsequently. 

  1. Download FLOWii app from Google Play – attendance terminal, which you install subsequently. 
  2. Activate the app on the tablet. FLOWii registration form displays, through which it´s needed to enter your username and password – the same as when you login to FLOWii on the Internet. 

WARNING – login into application can only be made by the user with Admin profile. 

  1. In case you have registration in FLOWii for multiple companies, next step will invite you to choose the company, in which the terminal will be used. 
  2. After choosing the company, application and terminal are ready to be used. Keyboard will appear on the tablet, into which you enter the PIN or attach keychain to the reader and choose the appropriate event. 

How to track the attendance as an employer 

You can find the employees ´attendance, when you go to top bar´s team and attendance. That´s when all employees´ attendance data display. In top bar database you´ll find another useful data, such as planned absences, graphic overview of employees´ attendance by you chosen season, or export into Excel format. 


This information is also available via phone app FLOWii for IOS and Android. 

Attendance system is ordinary part of Enterprise pack, which is priced from 15, 29 per user per month. If you´re interested in individual settings solutions, feel free to contact us. 

This attendance solution is, therefore, one of the simplest and the least expensive on the market. Its implementation takes you only few minutes and thanks to cloud solution and web/mobile application, it is, therefore, an ideal solution for Home Office. FLOWii attendance system provides with process automation, which is not directly related to your product, service or customer, but is necessary for company management. Bigger space for more important tasks concerning your business is created within the automation of this solution.

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