Research shows ROI of 40%.

Main advantages

  • Simple and effective targeting of campaigns
  • More intimate communication with customer
  • In comparison with other online strategies lower price
  • Easy way of getting feedback
  • Staying in contact with customer
  • Straightforward data tracking

The History goes back to 1978. When the first campaign was launched and made Digital Equipment Corporation 13 million dollars. It was one of the first online marketing campaigns ever. However, as the popularity of this kind of strategy has been growing, the email inboxes have been getting more and more overloaded. The word “spam” suddenly appeared. Marketing strategists from all over the world had to find out how to make this advertising format more friendly and less abusive.

Data driven targeting

It's obvious that society has never been as much overloaded with advertisement and information then it is today. We have to ask a question. Why should the recipient click on your mail? Even when he does so, isn't he gonna move it right to spam. What is the added value? Will you inform him about bargains? About the products that are relevant to him? Either it is a sale or information about an order. Every email should get you closer to your customer and build a relationship. For that, we use data-driven CRM and emailing software such as FLOWii. The given data gives you ability to effectively and periodically target customers.

Present relevant content, for example, based on the customer's history of previous transactions. Data-driven solutions are supposed to avoid, that your email will end up in the spam folder. Therefore, in that moment you lost the communication channel.

More about our solution:

Less is more

This is relevant for both, text of the mail and also graphic design. The content should have only one selling goal (Call-to-action). For example, e-shop call to action could be hyperlink to a certain product. To navigate your recipient you need a proper visual communication.

Best solution is to find a professional graphic designer. However, if you want to save up some money, there are a few tools such as Canva will for free provide you with hundreds of designed templates, that will make your mail more efficient and eye pleasing.

Don't forget to spend some time on the subject. A good subject is just like a good headline in a newspaper.

Optimization for mobile devices

Design of the mail that looks good and is efficient on a big screen, may not be as efficient on mobile devices. There is a chance that your important selling point or link to your web, won´t get to a recipient. Mobile devices become, if not primar, then the same important device as a desktop. Therefore, we should not forget them.


If you have not come across this term yet, which you most likely did, newsletters are kind of emails that are sent periodically to customers or even employees. It usually informs about new products, bargains or news in the company.

As was mentioned before, newsletters can be a great tool for keeping in touch with your employees. Inform them about news in the company, your goals and visions.


Newsletters are a great tool for educating your customers. Educating might be a bit of a strong word. However, it is about bringing information that are relevant and even though, they don't advertise your product directly, you're giving your consumers value and therefore, you are building a relationship.


Ask your customers for feedback. Studies show that more than 90 percent of purchases in e-commerce are based on reviews. Ask for review and show that you care for your customers. In case reviews come bad, at least you can improve.


Periodicity is crucial for marketing in general. With the quantity of content we consume every day, people may forget about your brand in a split of a second.On the other hand, if you overload your customer inbox you can easily end up in spam. Aristotle's theory of golden mean applies here. With flowii emailing software, you can plan your distribution efficiently and clearly.

Data, Data, Data…

Data are currently one of the most valuable commodities. Evaluate your email activity. Try different formats, different content and campaigns. The advantage of email marketing is in efficiency and simple measurability (engagement, open-rate, conversions...) If you want to improve your email game even more, A/B testing is also recommended. For that, many tools can also be found online.