We are happy to help.

We care about our users

The implementation of  a new CRM software in your company can be a scary (even if it’s not true) process for everyone. That’s why we provide our customers with support via telephone or e-mail, personal consultations, trainings and also a remote desktop connection (quick application settings, illustrative demonstrations of the features, etc.)

Personal consultation

Presentation of FLOWii and its functions. The first online training of FLOWii is completely free of charge.

Telephone and e-mail support

We are available during working days from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. We respond within 24 hours.

Remote desktop connection

If necessary, we can remotely connect to your computer. We can show you the features and the system possibilities quickly and practically.

*Free* – 15-minute solution.

*Paid* – 2 and more logins monthly with more than 20 minutes of online connection. The price of each additional minute is only 0.75 EUR.


We created an online manual for an easier learning process. It will help you to discover the features of  FLOWii.



Before using any software, you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with all the features. If needed we can provide a training session at your company.

Training on FLOWii’s ground

20 EUR / hour

150 EUR / hour

Training on your company’s ground

40 EUR / hour

*Travel expenses are not included

300 EUR / day

*Travel expenses are not included