Complete control and records of your employees attendance.

Simple records, saved time

Dochádzkový systém - terminál v počítači

Computer terminal

You only need a computer and internet. Via the browser you can sign in to the attendance system and make click. Your arrival is recorded immediately.

Dochádzkový systém - prehľad o zamestnancoch

Employee overview

Arrivals, departures, doctor visits, holidays or a summary of your hours worked…all in one place. You can learn where your employees are currently located or see last month’s attendance.

If you have any questions regarding your employees, FLOWii has the answers for you online.

Dochádzkový systém - rôzne druhy absencií

Various absence types

Each absence type is specific. You can get an overview over your employees attendance in terms of productivity or particular events.

Dochádzkový systém - plánovanie


Are you planning a holiday a visit to the doctor or a business trip? It is enough to only plan your activities and FLOWii will record them for you. There will be no irregularities within your attendance.

Dochádzkový systém - prehľad o dochádzke

Attendance overview

FLOWii is useful even for your employees. Information about how many hours did they work, how much holiday do they have left and everything else can be found on FLOWii’s main page.

Dochádzkový systém - rýchle nasadenie

Quick and easy set-up

FLOWii attendance system works online. It doesn’t require any installation and the registration only takes 60 seconds. You can try it immediately as it is completely FREE for 60 days for any number of employees.

Dochádzkový systém - prístupové práva

Access rights

As the owner of the company, you want to have the attendance records of each employee under control, but the employees may see only their own attendance? No problem. With FLOWii you can set up the access rights in your company.


Terminal in your tablet

You only need a tablet with Android running on it and you’ll be able to run FLOWii’s attendance terminal in just seconds. You can use an NFC reader or a PIN code. It is up to you which solution do you want to use.

Dochádzkový systém - terminál v tablete

Reports for your payroll accountant in one click

The biggest benefit of FLOWii is how fast does it process the data recorded by the terminal. You can have all the data you need in one PDF just in one click.

Dochádzkový systém - report pre mzdárku jedným klikom

See visually appealing graphs of your company’s attendance records

Have an easier, clearer and more enjoyable view at the attendance record in the graph view.

Dochádzkový systém - prehľad o dochádzke aj graficky

Free online consultation

First training completely for FREE. We give you assistance in setting up the software for your company’s needs.


Everything in one place

All the tools FLOWii provides cooperate with each other. Only one account is needed and you get a complete overview of your company.


We’re happy to help

Do you have an advice, comment or a question? We are here for you every working day from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

We grow thanks to references

We want to evaluate and successfully close down every business opportunity we have.

Ing. Libor Žikla

Ing. Libor Žikla

Founder / Superstany

In todays world every company should use a reliable CRM software.

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Bc. Barbora Belujanková

Partner / BarBelu s.r.o.

Fast access to our customers activity and history is the most important thing to us and FLOWii does that.

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Bohuš Žila

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Software instead of an attendance book

Start with FLOWii attendance system today!

First 60 Days completely for FREE

after that € 3 / month

You can find more information about the Attendance system in our pricing.

Attendance system - Q&A

Why is Attendance system a component of FLOWii?

Recording of attendance is not a must in a profitable company, but it is obligatory according to the law, furthermore, it keeps discipline. Writing down the attendance is often administratively demanding and a waste of time for the employees, the payroll accountant and the company owner, too. Instead of working, they count their hours and it decreases their productivity. Switch to FLOWii’s attendance and increase your productivity.

How does the attendance recording work online?

FLOWii attendance intends to simplify the attendance administration for the companies. Management of the absence, leaves and attendance without an unpleasant and complicate completion of the data sheet in Excel or a workbook. The employees check in and FLOWii records the data into a transparent report. FLOWii allows to choose from different options of spending the working hours. Sick leave, doctor visit, holiday, business trip, lunch or private leave. You do not need to count or fill in different data sheets anymore. You only need to sign in and click a button. FLOWii attendance system is a friendly solution for the employees and also for you, as well as for the payroll accountant.

In what is FLOWii Attendance System unique?

The attendance terminal is in the computer or/and tablet. No special hardware is required. Everything runs on the cloud. An internet connection and a standard Android tablet is enough for the attendance terminal. You can find more information on how to use the attendance tablet terminal in the Help section.

Dochádzkový systém v skratke