Project management

Close deals faster.

Effective management of your deals


Have a complete outlook on all of your deals

Tasks, deadlines and communication… You can have an immediate overview of all the above. Your employees do not have to search for any information anymore: they can work easier, better and be more reliable.

Better organization and control over tasks

You can organize your work and the whole teams work more efficiently. You can interconnect FLOWii with your calendar and monitor deadlines even on the go through your phone.

Effective communication

The employees are automatically reminded of their new orders, tasks or other changes, together with their deadlines via a notification in the software or by e-mail.

Communication overview

You don’t need to search for any communication with the clients or suppliers in different places anymore. Requests, changes, calls and planned activities will be directly connected with the given order in FLOWii.

Any required documents in just one click

Working materials, contracts, documents, photos… Attach documents to the order from the online store or directly from your computer.

Arrangement and overview of partners

Each customer in one place with their whole history of activities. Find anything concerning your customer in just a few seconds.

Complete company management

Interconnection with the CRM system allows you to monitor and manage the business processes, from the first contact with the customer to the issuance of an invoice. Thanks to CRM, you can get a better overview of the sale activities resulting in orders. At the same time, you can increase your success rate, because you will bring your sale opportunities to closed deals.

Professional documents in just a few clicks

Have you finished the order successfully? Issue the invoice directly and send it to your customer. Check whether he opened the e-mail, or not and finish with the registration of the payment.


Easy planning

Clear assignments, planned tasks, assigned responsibilities and deadlines in one place. Periodic orders with the same procedure in one click thanks to your customized templates.

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Up-to-date information on the progress of your orders

You have the progress of your orders always under control.

You and your employees can have online access to up-to-date informations about all the orders.

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Online control of your finances

You can also control your orders financially by using FLOWii. You can monitor your financial issues directly in connection with the assigned order and within the whole company. You can control your budget easily.

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Free online consultation

First training completely for FREE. We give you assistance in setting up the software for your company’s needs.


Everything in one place

All the tools FLOWii provides cooperate with each other. Only one account is needed and you get a complete overview of your company.


We’re happy to help

Do you have an advice, comment or a question? We are here for you every working day from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

We grow thanks to our references

We want to evaluate and successfully close down every business opportunity we have.

Ing. Libor Žikla

Ing. Libor Žikla

Founder / Superstany

In todays world every company should use a reliable CRM software.

Bc. Barbora Sidorjaková

Bc. Barbora Belujanková

Partner / BarBelu s.r.o.

Fast access to our customers activity and history is the most important thing to us and FLOWii does that.

Bohuš Žila

Bohuš Žila

Partner / BM Elektro s.r.o.

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FLOWii Order management - Q&A

Why is Order management a component of FLOWii?

By securing an order, the tasks of the businessmen does not end but rather start. The quality of your work depends on how efficiently you can solve customer requests and meet the deadlines. Keeping an overview of everything, sharing information, consistent monitoring of the progress, controlling deadlines. You can do all the above with FLOWii’s project management.

How does FLOWii Order management work?

The management of orders is a complex tool for planning contracts, furthermore, managing and controlling your orders both from the aspect of work and finance. You can simply plan each order and you only monitor it continuously. It helps you to share internal information about current progress and makes the communication more simple, while improving productivity of the whole company. You get an overview and arrange the processes in your company.

In what is FLOWii Order management different?

Thanks to the interconnection with FLOWii’s CRM system, you can improve the efficiency of the whole company.It provides you with full support from the first contact with the customer, till the issuance of an invoice. Your customers will feel the difference and you can sleep without worries.