Contact your customers simply, directly and efficiently.

You can send e-mails simply and directly


Personalize your e-mails

You can succeed better with your e-mails if the addressed person feels unique and taken care of. Just insert the right template and FLOWii wake take care of the rest. Your clients will feel your care for them.

Classic and HTML editor

Using FLOWii e-mails is just as simple as the other mailing clients. Just simply add a picture, document or anything you want and choose a letter format. If you want to create a graphically intriguing newsletters you can use the HTML editor.

Scheduled e-mails

The success of your e-mails is not always the same. Why? Well one of the reasons for that is the time when you send the e-mails. With FLOWii you can schedule your them to an exact time and date.

Partner database

FLOWii allows you to add unlimited number of contacts with all the necessary informations. All this completely free of charge!

Tags and categories

You can add different characteristics, features to your customers with tags. Based on the types, you can place them into your target categories. By doing this you arrange your contacts clearly and you can choose your target category more effectively.

Customer history

Thanks to the interconnection of e-mailing with the CRM system, you can monitor the history of your e-mails on a specific customer. You can see what e-mails did he get from you and his reactions to it.


Send your e-mails directly to your clients

With FLOWii you are send your e-mail directly to your partners. There is no need to import anything or create any unnecessary list. You can select the recipient by tags, categories, cities, date, who the responsible person is for the partner and so on…

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Know the results of your e-mails

Now you can know who didn’t read your e-mail, who clicked on link you provided, who didn’t received your e-mail. With these informations you can improve your connection with your clients.

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Continue working with your clients responsibly

Get more in touch with your clients. Your contact list can be categorized by how your clients responded to your e-mails and let’s you to work with them more effectively. Now you know who opened your offer and you can contact him by phone and find out more about his requirements. You will definitely improve your sales results.

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Free online consultation

First training completely for FREE. We give you assistance in setting up the software for your company’s needs.


Everything in one place

All the tools FLOWii provides cooperate with each other. Only one account is needed and you get a complete overview of your company.


We’re happy to help

Do you have an advice, comment or a question? We are here for you every working day from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

We grow thanks to references

We want to evaluate and successfully close down every business opportunity we have.

Ing. Libor Žikla

Ing. Libor Žikla

Founder / Superstany

In todays world every company should use a reliable CRM software.

Bc. Barbora Sidorjaková

Bc. Barbora Belujanková

Partner / BarBelu s.r.o.

Fast access to our customers activity and history is the most important thing to us and FLOWii does that.

Bohuš Žila

Bohuš Žila

Partner / BM Elektro s.r.o.

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E-mailing - Q&A

Why is E-mailing a component of FLOWii?

Bulk e-mailing is one of the most efficient ways of communication with the customers during the time when they are not buying anything. You can build trust and long-term relationships with a quality e-mail content. That is why e-mail marketing belongs to the most efficient tools of marketing.

How does FLOWii E-mailing work?

FLOWii E-mailing is a simple online tool that sends your e-mails safely, directly, at a reasonable price also in bulk and it gives you complete success rate statistics. It is the ideal solution for both companies and sole entrepreneurs, who have a varied database of potential and existing customers and want to build long-term relationships.

Why is FLOWii E-mailing unique?

The uniqueness of FLOWii e-mailing lies in the direct connection to the CRM system. It does not only work with the e-mail contacts, but also with the CRM customer database. It allows you to add any information about your customers that will help to choose the target groups efficiently. At the same time, the whole history of e-mailing with the customer can be seen. You can add other CRM services to the e-mailing at any time.

It’s payment method is unique, as well. Your account can be constantly active, but you are charged only after e-mailing. The maintenance of the account and the online access are free, the number of contacts are unlimited and free of charge. FLOWii will issue you an invoice only after you decide to send your e-mails.