CRM system

Simpler administration, better time management and never forget a thing.

Better organization = saved time.


Every customer is unique

Show your customers that you know them, build on the previous conversations or orders and let them feel that you truly know about them. You will not only strengthen your relationships, but there will be positive reflections in your sales, as well.

Close all your business opportunities successfully and fast

80% of successful orders are closed only after the fifth contact occasion. However, most business man end their cooperation with the customer after the second contact. Business cases will help you manage your customer relations more consistently. Plan and track your activities and turn your business opportunities to successful cases.

Never forget a customer

Thanks to FLOWii you know exactly when you last talked to your customer. The same goes for your planned communications. Are there customers in your database without any further planned communication? No worries, FLOWii is here to help.

Improve your time management

Getting lost on all the calls, meetings or price offers? You do not need worry anymore. With FLOWii, you have all your tasks with you, in your calendar or even in your mobile phone. You also have an overview of your employees activities.

Never forget a thing and communicate more effectively

If you want to give new tasks to your employees, you do not need to call them anymore. FLOWii will do it for you. It reminds people in the software or by e-mail of their new tasks, changes and deadlines.

Your care does not end by closing the deal

All your sales are under control with FLOWii. It allows you to simply plan the orders, control them online and finally evaluate them financially. Make sure that the customer receives the promised quality.

Don't waste hours of your time with clunky tools and messy spreadsheets

You can arrange all your invoices and issue them in a few seconds. You can relieve your salespersons from the paperwork and save them more time for important activities.

Communication with your customers was never this easy

FLOWii e-mailing is unique, because it allows you to send bulk e-mails directly to your customers from your CRM database. Forget about the difficult and complicated export and import process of  your contact list. Furthermore, after sending a bulk e-mail, you can see your statistics of the success rate.


Arrangement your customer database

Market overview and enough information are the basis for good customer care. You will have all your data in one place with FLOWii CRM. You can add different characteristics to your customers and add them to different categories.

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Online overview of the events in your store

You can track the development of the upcoming deals and get an overview about the potential revenue. FLOWii CRM helps you control each business opportunity better and close every opportunity successfully.

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Reports and results of your sale activities

You get transparent charts of every data you insert to FLOWii. Have an overview of every sale activity, sale development or any other data you put into FLOWii.

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Free online consultation

First training completely for FREE.We give you assistance in setting up the software for your company’s needs.


Everything in one place

All the tools FLOWii provides cooperate with each other. Only one account is needed and you get a complete overview of your company.


We’re happy to help

Do you have an advice, comment or a question? We are here for you every working day from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

We grow thanks to our references

We want to evaluate and successfully close down every business opportunity we have.

Ing. Libor Žikla

Ing. Libor Žikla

Founder / Superstany

In todays world every company should use a reliable CRM software.

Bc. Barbora Sidorjaková

Bc. Barbora Belujanková

Partner / BarBelu s.r.o.

Fast access to our customers activity and history is the most important thing to us and FLOWii does that.

Bohuš Žila

Bohuš Žila

Partner / BM Elektro s.r.o.

Change your workbook to a CRM system

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Why is CRM a component of FLOWii?

An essential activity of every successful company is the work and communication with the customers. Your success depends on how quickly and well you can solve requests of your customers and whether you manage to build out quality relationships with them, or not. FLOWii CRM is committed to help company owners in this issue.

What is a CRM system?

CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) represents a tool that is aimed at a more effective management of the relationships and communications with the customers. A good CRM system involves features that can help you directly from two aspects. On one hand, it allows you to organize your time more efficiently, simplify business administration and prevent you from forgetting important tasks. On the other hand, the CRM system provides you with an overview of the sales activities and results of the whole company via charts and reports.

In what is FLOWii CRM different?

The FLOWii CRM system is adjusted to the needs of small businesses and sole entrepreneurs and does not operate with complicated features or modules. FLOWii CRM system offers simple tools that work independently and, at the same time, cooperate with each other. It is based on an unlimited database of partner records, activities and communications. You can add further tools to it, according to your company’s needs. You never pay for what you don’t use. The interconnection of the CRM features with other FLOWii tools allows you to have everything in one place, send e-mails, issue invoices or check a meeting’s schedule. FLOWii is more than a CRM system. FLOWii CRM system allows you to organize your whole company more effectively. It gives you support from the first contact with the customer through order processing till the issue of an invoice. FLOWii CRM system serves as an ideal assistant for companies that intend to build out good working relationships with their customers and thereby earn more money.