What do we believe in?

What do we believe in?

We believe that by an effective and easy to use business management system we can make everyday life better and easier by letting people use their time more efficiently not only at work but also at home.

By using FLOWii you will not only increase your income but also make a better connection with your employees and customers.

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Our team

Lukáš Ivan


Erik Lacza


Daniel Gubó

Design and marketing

Tomáš Majerčík


Rebeka Nagyová

Customer service

Roman Liptaj


Lukáš Berka


Tomáš Smolek


Dalibor Tulis


Martin Tinka



Our purpose

Help companies that want to expand and improve the quality of their work and services through CRM and ERP software.

Bring self-development, profit, and ethics into your work and private life.

Create a profitable business that provides a reliable system worldwide.

Improve the environment in which we live by planting greenery.


Our goal

To become a successful innovative company in the field of CRM and ERP, which delivers its services worldwide.

“My mission is to develop FLOWii so it can help our users increase the efficiency of their business and improve their customer relationships.”

Patrik Škulavík - CEO


Our history


We released the first version of our mobile app, which we then updated to include the business case module.

We prepared FLOWii for expansion abroad and received the first foreign registrations.

We continue to expand our functionalities and improve the user experience in FLOWii.


FLOWii is actively used by more than 2,000 companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

We programmed a simplified version of the warehouse, chatting, the ability to send and receive emails to FLOWii and, last but not least, modernized the design of the application.

We've optimized our code and accelerated data loading.

We have translated the application into English and Hungarian.


We've increased the frequency of updates.

We expanded our team.

At the end of the year, we've focused on the development of our mobile application for Android and iOS.


2287 registered companies in FLOWii.

900 active companies using FLOWii everyday in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

In the end of the year we started to work on the mobile version of FLOWii for iOS and Android.


1345 registered companies in FLOWii.

207 active companies using FLOWii daily.


936 registered companies in FLOWii.

36 active companies using FLOWii daily.


Launching the beta version of FLOWii.

Launching our website

Hard work continues!


Hard work! Brainstorming, planning, programming, testing.


The birth of the idea FLOWii and the establishment of ESSTAR s.r.o.

Our product


Reliable, clear and easy to use software that increases our users business efficiency and improves their customer relationships.